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Villages & Parish Council News & Information

Please be advised of the following temporary road closures:

The following roads will be closed (please see schedules 1 - 2) between 4th April 2016 and 30th April 2016, to allow for carriageway surface dressing works by Amey, working on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council. The programme may vary from those dates shown on the schedule, but will be signed in advance on site.

FYI. The colours on the map showing the diversion route and closure for the Aldsworth job have been reversed. The closed section will be red and the diversion is blue. 

If you require any further information regarding this closure, please contact the office on 08000 514514 FREE.

Blockley Ramblers

Sunday 13 March

Walk: Adlestrop to Chastleton & Cornwell
Leaders: Brenda Williams & Brenda Samuels
Distance: 5 miles
Meet: Adlestrop Village Hall @ 1.30 pm

 NB Everyone participating in walks does so at her/his own risk and should not leave the group without informing the leaders. Please ensure that your clothing/footwear is appropriate to the conditions. If you walk with a dog, please keep it on the lead when on roads or where live stock is present. Also, wherever possible, please share cars to avoid congestion at meeting place.

Public Documents confirming Order
for 20, 30 and 40mpn Speed Limits in Blockley

Click here to download .pdf document

Love your dog – love our neighbourhood and countryside! -

Plea to dog walkers in Blockley

There is nothing better for dog owners to enjoy than taking that daily walk but - please be mindful of the following:

Dog fouling can be a serious issue and is very unpleasant. All dog owners need to be aware that they should clean up after their dogs for a number of reasons.

• It is an offence not to clear up after a dog if it fouls in a public place; it could cost you a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 or a fine through the courts up to £1000.

• It is a health hazard, particularly to children. Dog faeces can carry bacteria and viruses and a parasitic worm that could cause serious problems including blindness. Picking up immediately after a dog fouls and disposing of the mess properly will help prevent the worm developing and becoming infective. Pet owners should treat their animals for worms regularly.

• It is unsightly, smelly and can prevent people from enjoying picnic areas and walks and stop children being able to play in open spaces.

If you are a dog owner or regularly exercise someone else’s dog please clear up if the dog fouls, always carry a “poop scoop”, better still teach the dog to only foul at home.

When you clear up after your dog, please dispose of the bag properly – take it home, use a dog litter bin or street litter bin. Do not sling it in the hedge, trees or ditch or leave it on the ground – this is littering, also an offence with penalties of £75 or up to £2500. It is also unsightly!

If you see some one who doesn’t clear up after a dog and you know who they are, you can report it to the Cotswold District Council Environmental Wardens, (01285 623000). If you are willing to be a witness in court, the council can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice or take a prosecution if the penalty isn’t paid.

Please click on this link or the logo above to find details of the
Cotswold Careline service which serves the whole Cotswold district.

Results of Spring Survey and Additional Evidence
sent to CDC on Draft Local Plan representations

BPC would like to thank all parishioners who recently returned their completed survey forms. 

The results have now been collated and this has enabled additional
evidence to be sent to CDC on Draft Local Plan representations.  

Documents are available to view as follows:
(please click on the title or document to download a .pdf version of the original)

Spring Newsletter

Survey – Question Sheet

Map included with Newsletter

Survey Results in Table Format

Additional Evidence send to CDC on Draft Local Plan Representations

Waterside Living – Information for Riparian Landowners

Do you have a river, stream, ditch or culvert running through or alongside your property?
If so, you are probably responsible for its maintenance and this guide is for you. -

Please click here

(Click on documents below to download a .pdf copy)

The Cotswold District Draft Local Plan

The draft plan shows CDC's proposed housing strategy for Blockley : 3 sites (Draycott Road : 22 dwellings); Sheafhouse Farm : 13 dwellings; and The Limes, Station Road : 16 dwellings.)

The allotments site is not now shown as a housing site,but instead as a proposed Local Green Space, together with the Water Board site. But CDC have not assessed the Draycott Road site and Colonel's Piece as potential Local Green Spaces.

If you have any queries/ comments please contact the Parish Council :
01386 700238; or email: blockleypclerk@btinternet.com

Cotswold District Local Plan

Blockley Conservation Area Review 

Blockley Parish Council has commissioned from RPS – one of Europe’s leading environmental consultancies – an independent review of the Blockley Conservation Area. This is part of the Parish Council’s initiatives designed to help protect vulnerable sites from unwelcome  development.  This comprehensive review has now been completed and sent to Cotswold District Council for their consideration. The Parish Council’s aim is to get CDC’s agreement to the recommendations regarding revised Conservation Area boundaries, as a matter of priority.  The review forms part of the evidence that BPC will be submitting to the District Council concerning its development strategy.

The review comprises a ranging survey looking at historical and cartographical evidence, and a site survey of the existing  Conservation Area and its setting. A summary of the results of these surveys is attached as annexes to the report, and reference to these explains the reasons behind the proposed boundary changes.

The review is available to read on the Parish Council website
and can be accessed by clicking on the links below

Blockley Boundaries 14-11-28 FINAL.pdf

Appendix 4 - Blockley Views 14-11-28.pdf

Please note these are extremely large files and may take several serconds to download.

“Update on CDC Local Plan Documents

The Parish Council has received a hard copy of CDC’s  Evidence Paper on Housing and Employment Site Allocations. This Paper, and its Appendices, are now  available on-line, and will be considered by the CDC Cabinet on 4th December. The recommendations in this Paper have been used by CDC to inform the Local Plan Development Strategy and Site Allocations document that will be out for public consultation for 6 weeks during January / February 2015.

An initial skim of the Evidence Paper reveals  three “preferred sites for housing development” in Blockley:

1. Little Shoe Broad (BK5) : 22 dwellings.
This site allegedly does not meet all the necessary criteria for designation as a Local Green Space.

2. Sheafhouse Farm (BK8): 13 dwellings, and -

3. Station Road (BK14A), opposite the allotments site : 16 dwellings.
( This site was put forward following the public consultation in Blockley earlier this year ).

Total: 51 dwellings.

The allotments site (BK11) is shown as a “reserve site” with a potential for 36 dwellings.  CDC has shown it as a reserve site because it meets all the criteria necessary for designation as a Local Green Space, (following the application made by the Parish Council)  so the site is now continuing through the Local Plan designation process, apparently.

Further updates to follow, but BPC wants to make this initial information available to Blockley residents as soon as possible. “